SFI NORMAN 2007-2014


Globalisation is a key challenge facing Norwegian manufacturers. The success of Norwegian manufacturing in the global economy depends upon continuous innovation in products and processes. In 2007, The Norwegian Manufacturing Future (NORMAN) centre was established - based on the assumption that Norwegian manufacturing has a promising future, especially in the making of high-value and technology-intensive goods. The availability of skilled labour, competence-intensive products, high levels of productivity and the capacity to innovate, combined with very strong infrastructure, will continue to give Norwegian companies an advantage. The national academic level within manufacturing is high, and there is a long and close relationship between academy and industry.


The overall objective for SFI NORMAN was to develop new and multi-disciplinary research on next-generation manufacturing, and create theories, methods, models, and management tools that enable Norwegian manufactures to thrive in global competition.


To this end, SFI NORMAN was established as a strong cross-disciplinary centre for research on intelligent manufacturing, eco-friendly manufacturing and knowledge based innovations. SINTEF was the host and NTNU a key research partner. A large number of industrial companies were closely involved in defining and carrying out research activities during the eight year period


Although the centre is now officially terminated, the spirit, cooperation, knowledge and network generated through SFI NORMAN will continue to have a positive impact towards a sustainable manufacturing industry in Norway in the years to come.





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